Superyacht Storytellers Launches as Publisher of Custom Coffee Table Books

Superyacht Storytellers

“Every one of us has a story to tell. We each likely have dozens, if not hundreds, of photos of our adventures sitting on a computer hard drive or, worse, on our camera’s memory card,” says Diane M. Byrne, founder—and veteran luxury media entrepreneur—of Superyacht Storytellers. “These are the inspirations behind Superyacht Storytellers, a new publisher of custom-designed coffee table books,” she notes.

Superyacht Storytellers allows superyacht owners, builders, designers, and more to share their extraordinary experiences with family and friends through beautifully bound books for generations to come.

Superyacht Storytellers is skilled in the two most essential arts of storytelling: the written word, and the artistic impact. Its creative vision is crafted by Byrne, one of the best-known and well-respected journalists in yachting. She’s the founder and editor of, a website educating American luxury-yacht owners, buyers, and their circles of influence about the yachting lifestyle. She additionally owns RedHedInk, a full-service editorial and marketing services firm focused on affluent audiences.

Joining Byrne in this venture is Beth Smith, who has previously collaborated with Byrne on several projects for and RedHedInk. Well versed in book design and creation, Smith specializes in private publishing of personal histories and tributes, working with couples, families, and celebrities through her company A Life in Print.

“There’s a plethora of publishing options available these days,” Byrne says, “but most require you to order hundreds of copies if you want customized designs, and even limit your customization options. You have little to no control over how photos appear. You have equally limited choice over where text gets placed, with the companies expecting you to be a modern-day Mark Twain. Superyacht Storytellers not only lets you commission just one copy if you wish, but our team works hand-in-hand with you to bring your oral history to life, and to make your photos, and memories, leap off the pages. We firmly believe that every yacht is as unique as her owner is, and your book deserves the same treatment.”

Superyacht owners aren’t the only customers for Superyacht Storytellers. Superyacht shipyards, design studios, and other industry specialists are equally important, Byrne says. “What could be better than a shipyard surprising clients with a book chronicling the build of their yacht? There are also companies with 100-year-plus histories; their photo archives are remarkable, yet no one gets to see the pictures, or fully appreciate just what these companies have accomplished. Whatever the situation, Superyacht Storytellers lets people share their experiences again and again, with generations to come. Above all, Superyacht Storytellers does it in a way completely tailored to their tastes, just like superyachts.”

To jumpstart a client’s imagination, Superyacht Storytellers dedicates a page on its website,, to outlining some of the publishing possibilities. They include:
• portrait- or landscape-style book formats
• hardcovers wrapped in fine linen fabric or leather; higher-end stitched leather and suede is also available, along with photo insets and imprinting
• matte-finished paper or lustrous heavy-stock paper
• books where dozens of pictures dominate, with just a handful of captions throughout, or page-turning tales with hundreds of photos to match.

Due to the nature of today’s connected world, Superyacht Storytellers allows interested parties to learn about projects and possibilities via social media. A regularly updated blog is on its website, with Superyacht Storytellers also maintaining Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The Facebook page is, while the Twitter handle is @SuperyachtStory, and the Instagram account is @superyachtstorytellers.

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