Exploring Antarctica by Superyacht

Antartica by superyacht

When it comes to vacation destinations where billionaires like to see and be seen aboard their superyachts, few are more “exclusive” than the South of France during the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco, or St Barth to celebrate the New Year, or Bermuda for the America’s Cup later this summer. But none of those yachting destinations are as “exclusive” as Antarctica because only a relative few yachts/ships in the world are built strong enough to handle harsh conditions of Antarctica.

Only a highly select few professional crew and guides are experienced enough to operate in ice strewn Antarctic waters safely. And only a precious few of those ships are tough enough to be able to cruise among the snow, ice, and storms of the Antarctic peninsula for months at a time while also providing five-star service and luxury accommodations to a small group well-heeled guests.

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