Sailing Catamaran Sunreef 74 Blue Deer San Lorenzo Lodge

Sunreef 74 Blue Deer San Lorenzo Lodge

Perfectly designed in every detail Sunreef 74 Blue Deer is a real manifestation of the finest Italian taste. Her interior and exterior design are an expression of the most sophisticated elegance style envisioned by the Owners to deliver an unforgettable experience aboard to their guests. The same refined atmosphere can be found in their White Deer San Lorenzo Lodge in the Dolomites. With these two exquisite properties the Owners can embrace the combined beauty of the sea and the mountains in their own extraordinary way.

Blue Deer being the third unit from the Sunreef 74 line was launched together with her twin sister – 19th Hole by the Sunreef Yachts shipyard, recognized as the leader in custom-made catamaran manufacturing. Owned by a Famous Italian Family, both sisters are dedicated to charter cruises in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Managed by the Sunreef Yachts Charter Team, seemingly they are both very similar, but in fact each of them is different, very unique with special qualities reflecting various passions and lifestyles.

Built as a part of a consistent vision of the San Lorenzo Lodges Owners – Giorgia and Stefano Barbini, Blue Deer has emerged from the need to find a new way to express true hospitality and take it to the infinity of blue waters. The Owners incorporated into the yacht their impeccable taste and savviness of high end products and services acquired through years of experience in the fashion industry and a legacy of noble distinction. The interior is the result of a passion for design, arrangement and exceptional craftsmanship.

As the Owners were actively engaged in every single stage of design of the Blue Deer , Mrs and Mr Barbini together with Sunreef’s in-house designers selected elegant fabrics and materials of the highest quality for upholstery and furniture to gain a perfection tailored to their expectations.

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