Sinot Unveils ‘Nature’ Exclusive Yacht Design at Monaco Yacht Show

Nature superyacht

The stunning superyacht called ‘Nature’ can house up to 18 passengers with 6 guest state rooms, 2 VIP state rooms and one owner state room. There is also room for 50 crew members.

Nature superyacht bedroom

Nature, in all its purity and greatness, offers a new perspective on yachting that transcends the traditional parameters of status and grandeur. A holistic approach allows the yacht to directly reflect the Owner’s true values in life: the richness of being and the intimacy of belonging. Nature grants those on-board every opportunity to be themselves in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and peacefulness. The carefully-designed spaces, the interplay between natural and artificial light, and the pure materials and surfaces combine to create a new world that represents all the good we recognize from nature.

Nature superyacht waterfall

Due to the intelligent layout, the thoughtful routing and the fully-customized furniture, Nature is extremely functional while offering the most desirable yachting amenities, including luxurious state and VIP rooms, a strikingly spacious Owner’s room, luxurious Spa deck, gym, swimming pool at sea level, and the spectacular circular staircase, winding from the Owner’s deck up to the 900sqm+ Panorama deck.

The essence of Nature is epitomized by the Owner’s state room’s fully-functional Inner Garden, equipped with state-of-the-art climate control technology. A shining beacon of peace and tranquility, it also represents the fundamental interconnection between the yacht and her environment. It is nature within Nature.

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