48m/157ft Superyacht Nerissa’s Unique Design by Bilgin

Bilgin Yachts Nerissa

48m/157ft NERISSA, is designed with clean exterior lines, portraying a classic and timeless appearance. With exterior styling and naval architecture by Unique Yacht Design, H2 created the general arrangement and interior design concept. The layout adopts a four larger-cabin layout instead of five cabins, with a generous owners suite which also benefits from a hull balcony. The result is spacious accommodation for 10 guests in a highly modern bright interior featuring large windows. Subtle touches such as a combination of wood variants and precious metals are introduced in this minimalistic copper colored scheme.

The most distinguishing characteristic of her interior design is that, 3 completely different natural material trying to carry out the same style and texture. Marble, copper and leather are perpetual with each other’s characteristics where ever they are applied. Leather, reflecting the copper.. The copper material which determines the general lines of the design with the horizontal stripes at the common spaces stick with the design line with leather used in the cabins.

The warm color tones used in copper and leather are balanced with the cold color tones of the marble. ‘Transparent’ copper and glass materials which were used with modern lines create a perception where it feels like looking behind a tulle. The materials that we have been familiar for centuries such as leather, natural stones and copper are displaying a pretty modern outlook with the way they were applied in the interior design.

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