Damen’s 252-foot Superyacht SeaXplorer 77 Features 2 Helicopters

Damen SeaXplorer 77

Since Damen launched this exciting new expedition yachting concept at the Monaco Yacht Show, they have sold two SeaXplorer yachts – a SeaXplorer 75 and a SeaXplorer 65 – which are now both under construction. Before the first build has even touched the water, the SeaXplorer has quickly acquired an enviable and serious reputation in the high-end yachting market.

The SeaXplorer range has grown to five designs from 55 to 100 meters in length. Behind each of these designs is DAMEN’s dedicated SeaXplorer design team, a well-established pool of naval architecture talent and shipbuilding expertise. Together with their design partners at DAMEN Research, their luxury yacht builder AMELS, EYOS Expeditions and AZURE Yacht Design, they have the know-how and resources to meet the individual requirements of each client.

Damen offers the highest levels of safety, professionalism and luxury lifestyle in the expedition yachting market. But they also understand that behind the technology and the innovation, the SeaXplorer is about unforgettable moments, the drive for adventure and the most spectacular destinations on Earth. So, where will your journey take you?

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Damen SeaXplorer 77 aft view

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