Crown of Light Debuts as the First Jewelry Brand at 2018 Monaco Yacht Show

Crown of Light diamond necklace

Every year global luminaries and luxury yachtsmen meet in Monaco for the highly anticipated event, The Monaco Yacht Show. This year’s event takes place from September 26th – 29th. Over 120 limited-edition superyachts regale attendees who also delight in the debut of 40+ new launches, and for the very first time, the exhibition of the #1 selling diamond brand in the Caribbean: The Crown of Light.

Hosted in Monaco’s sparkling Port Hercules, this sumptuous display represents the pinnacle of the yachting industry’s most opulent offerings. Since 1991, this show has drawn the best of the best, while earning the support from His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco.

A First for Monaco’s Yacht Show
In the elite world, causing an impression is not an easy task. However, Diamonds International’s prestigious Crown of Light (COL) brand has accomplished just that, leaving high-class attendees speechless. For the first time in its history, the Monaco Yacht Show will exhibit the only diamond brand ever to be showcased: The Couture Collection.

The Diamond that Dominates the Caribbean
The COL is a unique diamond gaining world-wide acclaim. Its exceptional beauty and superb light-performance is achieved by a US-patented cutting pattern of 90 expertly arranged facets all contributing to optimizing the stone’s brilliance.

The Couture Collection represents the echelon masterful cutting technique:

  • Hand-selected diamonds
  • 1,000 hours to produce
  • Each diamond is graded and inscribed prior to its placement
  • Available in colorless, yellow and fancy brown
  • Precious metals: 18K white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18kk rose gold and 590PL platinum

The Crown of Light On-Board Shopping Experience:
COL makes luxury shopping completely effortless. Offering the ultimate personalized shopping experience, the COL team handpicks top-quality pieces and presents it directly to elite individuals – without having to step off their private decks.

Along with the COL executives, Almod’s CEO & President, Albert Gad has confirmed attendance and will personally ensure that the utmost in VIP consideration is given.

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