Secret Luxury Superyacht Destinations for Summer

Amalfi Coast

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to explore the diverse coastlines and turquoise oceans of this world? Imagined yourself sailing over the azure seas, gliding pristine white sanded beaches, anchoring in secluded coves and exploring the aquatic marine life that live underneath the surface, or amble through the cobbled streets of sleepy fishing villages, colorful buildings nestled into cliff faces plunging towards the sparkling waters below.

More and more people are trading their hotel rooms for private yacht charter and for good reason. Why settle on one location when you could cruise to several equally wondrous destinations during your vacation? Imagine yourself falling asleep weighing anchor off pristine white sanded beaches of waking up the sun rising over stunning shoreline of a neighboring city.

With the rise in popularity of yachting vacations there are too many possible Yachting destinations to choose from, but we have handpicked our favorite destinations that everyone should visit in their lifetime. These breathtaking destinations promise to make the yacht charter of a lifetime!

Exotic Exclusivity of the Maldives’ Shores

The Maldives is a destination growing in popularity among luxury yacht charterers. These exotic atolls stretch across the equatorial band like a rainbow of rich green hues of the lush tropic jungle and gleaming white sands. On land, The Maldives oozes luxury and elegance. Its shores have been carefully developed and decorated with notable exclusive resorts and services which are all at your disposal to be enjoyed.

Surprisingly it is not just the breath-taking landscape and scenery that makes The Maldives such an appealing spot for a luxury yacht charter. The Maldives is characterized by its splendidly unique underwater life and ecology. The warm waters are home to a diverse array of exotic marine life each creature more colorful than the next. Watch mesmerized as they glide peacefully by in the underwater world. Hanhushi’s coral reef showcases 1000 species of fish, 20 species of whales and dolphins. A day spent snorkeling in these waters would be most definitely be a day to be remembered forever. Trade your scuba gear for a surfboard and head to the surfing paradise of Mullee Point and Veyvah Point.

Whether it is a 5-star dining experience, a spa treatment of day spent riding the waves, The Maldives guarantees relaxation and adventure.

The Cultural Haven of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Isles

The mesmerizing coastline of Italy and surrounding islands is a spectacle of enchanting fishing villages, rugged cliffs, and exclusive resorts. A heavenly cocktail of Mediterranean antiquated charm and modern luxury.

Portofino is a prime example of one of the many elegant fishing towns decorating the shoreline. The town is renowned for its exclusive designer boutiques and world-class restaurants. These towns are easily accessed from your luxury yacht anchored in one of the secluded bays. The Cinque Terre perched on the cliff tops above the sparkling turquoise seas are truly breath-taking, sleepy fishing villages bursting in culture and color. A treat for your senses as you saunter through the winding cobbled streets and markets overflowing with spices and citron fruits. The Amalfi Coast is equally picturesque with whitewashed cliffs and pastel-hued villages. These cluster of captivating villages boast world-class restaurants and luxury resorts. Serving the best of quintessential Italian food against the spectacular backdrop of the Tuscan rolling hills.

Sunbathe and swim with the friendly local piglets on Exumas

Exuma comprises of a strip of 360 islands and cays. These isles boast an exotic strip of deserted beaches and idyllic anchorages. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is renowned to be one of the most spectacular sites in the world that is best experienced by yacht. It is easy to explore these azure waters teeming with colorful fish from the comfort of your yacht, all waiting outside your bedroom door.

Sailing through these days you will eventually arrive to Big Major Spot. This cove boasts a white sanded beach where wild pigs roam freely. These wonderful, friendly creatures spend their days bathing on the warm sands and cooling down in the turquoise shallows with tourists.

The waters surrounding these islands are brimming with aquatic life of every color, size and shape one could imagine. They provide endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. Whether you chose to discover these days by jet ski or the colorful coral reefs snorkeling or scuba diving you are ensured to be amazed. These islands embrace the laid back way of life, the shallow waters exclude large cruise ships, therefore your luxury yacht charter will take you to locations completely remote an far from tourist crowds.

Discover the unique fusion of luxury and immense natural beauty of France

Hundreds of yachts flock to the French Riviera and surrounding waters each year. Flaunting glittering bays, unblemished beaches, and exclusive resorts. It is a spectacular location overflowing with culture and luxury. The breath-taking coastline is decorated with captivating fishing villages as well as larger buzz filled towns such as Cannes. All equally beautiful boasting medieval architecture painted with a soft pastel palette.

Experience the French way of living, venturing on shore from your private yacht anchored in one of the many sheltered coves. Onshore you will discover winding cobbled streets and a sweet smell of fresh croissants filling the air. Spend your days ambling through the picturesque coastal towns such as Eze or Antibes. Travel further from the coast to find sprawling vineyards and beautiful olive groves. A world away from the luxury boutique, glittering nightlife and exclusive resorts of Cannes and St. Tropez.  France exhibits the ultimate fusion of sophistication and natural beauty, ranging from boutique-lined promenades such as La Croisette in Cannes to the dense forests and enigmatic hilltop villages of Porquerolles.

Chartering a private yacht provides guests with complete freedom to explore, relax and enjoy complete tranquility and privacy. Whether you are looking for a vacation discovering deserted tropical islands or would prefer to spend your days wining and dining in the famed restaurants of Cannes and Saint Tropez. A yacht charter vacation traveling to any of these spectacular and diverse locations promises a vacation of a lifetime.

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