The Superyachts of the Future are Bigger, Better, and Bolder

superyachts of the future

It used to be thought that superyachts couldn’t get any bigger, better, or more extravagant. Well, think again. The superyachts of the future boast futuristic design, state-of-the-art technology, and an increasing roster of green credentials. Here, we take a look at some of the key next generation trends in the yachting world.

Superyacht design is challenging expectations

Superyacht design is getting ever more innovative and unusual, marrying technology and science to create yachts that turn heads wherever they go.

Today’s yacht owners are younger than ever, and it is these millennial magnates that are challenging expectations when it comes to superyacht construction, requesting increasingly more extreme designs that push the limits, from futuristic looking silhouettes, to the use of new and innovative materials.

The superyachts of the future are also increasingly embracing glass. As glass technology has continued to advance, windows are getting bigger and playing a far larger role in the look and feel of the next generation of yachts.

Superyachts of the future are also getting bigger, with an increasing number now exceeding the 100-metre mark, with the world’s longest yacht now measuring 180-metres. This rise in supersized yachts is linked to an increase in the world’s number of billionaires, who now have more cash than ever to splurge on a superyacht that wows.

superyachts of the future

Eco-friendly superyachts of the future

Superyacht design is now not only challenging expectations on how today’s yachts look, but yacht designers and owners are also pushing the boundaries on creating greener more sustainable vessels that offer low-impact, environmentally conscious cruising.

Hybrid yachts, vessels that utilise hybrid propulsion systems that combine both electric battery and engine power, are becoming increasingly popular, reducing the use of fuel-burning engines and generators.

The superyachts of the future are also embracing a host of green features, including solar panels, battery-storage systems, wastewater recycling systems, variable pitch propellers, solar sails, and state-of-the-art dynamic positioning systems. Materials such as carbon fibre also help reduce the weight of superyachts, meaning less power is needed to propel them through the water, thus lowering their impact on the environment.

Superyachts of the future are experience-led

The superyachts of the future are all about experiences. Today’s owners want to travel further and enjoy more of what the world has to offer. With this in mind, superyacht owners are increasingly requesting yachts that double up as genuine ocean-going vessels, creating a new breed of superyacht; the explorer yacht.

These superyachts of the future have the capacity to chart more extreme waters, allowing owners to get away from the crowds and the traditional blue-water havens that most yacht owners seek. These explorer yachts boast rugged exteriors that are equipped for adventure; however, their interiors still offer all the luxuries of a traditional superyacht.

superyachts exploring

Superyachts of the future boast extravagant features

Gone are the days of superyachts featuring traditional interior lounges, suites, deck space, and little else. The superyachts of the future boast a roster of extravagant design features, offering the ultimate onboard experience.

Owners increasingly want to make the most of a yacht’s exterior space and embrace life at sea. Multi-purpose rooms that can quickly be opened up to bring the outside in are de rigueur amongst yacht owners, while beach club areas are becoming increasingly popular, giving owners and their guests the opportunity to be as close to the water as possible, without actually getting wet.

Other notable features that are leading the way in modern superyacht design include extravagant wellness centres, including sumptuous spa spaces boasting saunas, steam rooms, treatment areas, and state-of-the-art gyms. Stabilised pool tables, surf-riding machines, bowling alleys, infinity pools, nightclubs, and casinos are all increasingly becoming standard on today’s yachts. Some yachts now even feature snow rooms, an icy spa chamber with snowflakes that tumble from the ceiling.

So, just when you though yachts couldn’t get any bigger or better, the superyachts of the future are raising the bar even further.

Article by Joanna Lewis

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